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GlobalHQ is a data and information business supporting New Zealand Agripreneurs, including every farmer in the country.

We’re owned by a farming family based in Feilding - agriculture is our culture. Our aim is to grow GlobalHQ into the most trusted brand in the sector.

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Our flagship - Farmers Weekly

The only farming newspaper that is delivered to every farmer every week. Farmers value it so highly, it’s their first choice for reading, and their own advertising!
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AgriHQ is our farm market data, analysis and insights business.

Farmers and agribusinesses trust AgriHQ reports to guide them in their decision-making.
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Dairy Farmer - the pulse of the dairy community.

This high quality gloss magazine lands in every letterbox on every dairy farm every month.
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On Farm Story combines print and video to tell the New Zealand food story, one farmer at a time.
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Farmer's Voice follows Wiggy as he interviews true farming characters from across New Zealand
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Sarah's Country Live Monday - Thursday from 7pm. Interact with industry leaders and have your say.
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Your advertising is not skimmed and binned but associated with credible information trusted by farmers.

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GlobalHQ is open to all ideas, if you feel like you have an idea that you want to make happen with GlobalHQ, let us know.

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